Impact spanners

High impact forces without nut damage

SKF impact spanners are designed for safely tightening and loosening larger locknuts, especially after driving up a large bearing onto a tapered seating. They are not intended to be used to drive the bearing up a tapered seating.
  • Designed for safely tightening and loosening a wide selection of larger lock nuts
  • Not intended to be used to drive bearings up a tapered seating
  • Helps avoiding shaft and nut damage
  • Safe and user friendly
  • Impact applied effectively to the nut
  • Special wide impact face
Design of TMFN 23-30 and TMFN 30-40 (fig 1)
Design of other sizes TMFN impact spanners (fig 2)

Technical data

Impact spanners TMFN series
TMFN 23-301485.8311,50.454,40.17
TMFN 30-401937.6013,50.535,30.21
TMFN 40-522489.76160.636,50.26
TMFN 52-6431612.44190.758,50.33
TMFN 64-8039615.59230.91110.43
TMFN 80-50051620.31281.10130.51
TMFN 500-60062624.65361.42160.63
TMFN 600-75074629.37401.57190.75

Suitable for the following series of SKF lock nuts

Suitable for the following series of SKF adapter sleeves

  • H23, H30, H31 series
    DesignationH 23..H 30..H 31..
    TMFN 23-30H2324 – H2332LH3024E – H3032H3124 – H3130L
    TMFN 30-40H2332 – H2340H3030E, H3034 – H3040H3132 – H3140L
    TMFN 40-52OH2344H, OH2348HOH3044H – OH3052HH3144H(HTL) – H3152HTL
    TMFN 52-64OH2352H, OH2356HOH3056H – OH3064HOH3152H – OH3160H
    TMFN 64-80 OH3068 H – OH3084HOH3164H – OH3176H(E)
    TMFN 80-500 OH30/500H,
    OH3080H – OH3096H
    OH3180H(E) – OH3196H(E)
    TMFN 500-600 OH30/530H – OH30/630HOH31/530H – OH31/560H(E)
    TMFN 600-750 OH30/670H – OH30/800H(E)OH31/600H – OH31/750H(E)
  • H32, H39 series
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