Anti-fretting agent

SKF anti-fretting agent LGAF 3E
SKF anti-fretting agent LGAF 3E  - Fretting corrision
Fretting corrosion
SKF LGAF 3E is a greasy, smooth paste to prevent fretting corrosion caused by very slight oscillations or by vibrations that can make dismounting more difficult.
  • Reduction of fretting corrosion providing easier dismounting of bearings
  • Better sliding on designed loose bearing arrangements such as vibrating screens, truck and car wheel bearings
  • Easier removal of general industrial components in a wide range of applications such as nuts, bolts, flanges, studs, bearings, guide pins, couplings, jack screws, lathe centres, push rods, and spline shafts
Available pack sizes
Pack sizeDesignation
35 g tubeLGAF 3E/0.035
0.5 kg canLGAF 3E/0.5
30 kg pailLGAF 3E/30
Technical data
DesignationLGAF 3E/(pack size)
NLGI consistency class2
Base oil typeMineral/Synthetic
Operating temperature range, °C (°F)-25 to 250 (-13 to 482)
Base oil viscosity:
40 °C, mm2/s185
Penetration DIN ISO 2137:
Unworked penetration, 10-1 mm265 – 300
Corrosion protection:
SKF Emcor- standard ISO 110070 - 1
Water resistance
DIN 51 807/1, 3 hrs at 90 °C2 max.
Oil separation
DIN 51 817, 7 days at 40 °C, static, %1 - 2
EP performance
Wear scar DIN 51350/5, 800 N, mm0,9
4-ball test, welding load DIN 51350/4, N3000
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