SKF Mudblock seals MUD7

For grease-lubricated applications

SKF Mudblock seal design MUD7 is a cassette seal, specifically developed for grease-lubricated heavy-duty applications in harsh environments and tough operating conditions.
SKF Mudblock seals MUD7 (fig 1) are designed for use in grease lubricated applications and provide features including:
  • half metal / half rubber outside diameter for reliable seal retention in the bore as well as improved sealing performance
  • rubber covered inside diameter for improved sealing performance and easy installation
  • integrated wear sleeve
  • SKF patented lip design for extended bearing service life
  • bumper maintaining the relative position between the seal and the sleeve as well as acting as a barrier against contaminants
  • auxiliary radial lips for contaminant exclusion
The SKF patented lip design has a special geometry combining both a spring-loaded radial lip and an axial lip. This design enables excess pressure inside the bearing chamber to pass the lip. Thus, the bearing can run cooler, resulting in extended service life.
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