Reinforced all-rubber HSS seals

Reliable protection for large size bearings

HSS large diameter seals with lubrication grooves
SKF’s new all-rubber HSS seals are specially developed to protect large size bearings under the tough operating conditions in heavy industrial applications such as metal rolling mills, mining equipment or wind turbines. They feature a well-proven sealing lip design and a new concept of reinforcement, offering high stability while maintaining the benefit of an all-rubber seal being able to accommodate imperfections in the housing bore.

HSS seals constitute a range of seals with a variety of design features and combinations of these, including solid and split versions, SKF Springlock, SKF Springcover, different spring connections and lubrications grooves.

The flexible manufacturing process enables the customization of sizes without minimum quantity and virtually without upper limits for both metric and inch sizes. This flexibility enables the same short delivery times for customized dimensions as for standard seals.

Reinforced all-rubber HSS seals

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