Lubricant requirements

A lubricant should be applied on the dynamic sealing surfaces of a metal face seal to prevent scoring and cover at least 30 % of the sealing surface to properly lubricate and cool the sealing rings. The lubricant can be either a detergent like SAE 10W-40 or a mineral based oil ranging from 10 WT to 90 WT, depending on the ambient temperature. It should be noted that some oils contain additives that make them incompatible with elastomers, which can cause degradation of the Belleville washers, especially when exposed to elevated temperatures.
Although mineral oils are always the recommended lubricant, a grease lubricant can also be used in some slowly rotating or oscillating applications, where the seal face surface speed does not exceed 0,5 m/s (100 ft/min). At higher speeds, an oil lubricant is required, not only to provide lubrication to the sealing faces, but also to cool the sealing rings.
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