Seals installed on vertical shafts are usually more exposed to contaminants like rain water than seals on horizontal shafts. Oil retention is also more challenging for seals installed on vertical shafts. In general, however, all seals listed in the product tables are suitable for use on both horizontal and vertical shafts.
V-rings (fig 1 and fig 2) have an interference fit on the shaft and rotate with it. They act as flingers and are therefore particularly suitable as both primary and secondary seals on vertical shafts. Highly efficient sealing arrangements, like those found in submersible pumps, can be achieved using radial shaft seals in tandem with a V-ring for additional protection against contaminants (fig 3).
At relatively low speeds, HDDF metal face seals (fig 4) effectively retain grease or oil and prevent the ingress of contaminants on vertical shafts.
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