Installation restrictions

In applications where the seal cannot be installed via the shaft end, a V-ring or any of the split HSF or HS designs can be used. For detailed information, refer to the sections HSF fabric-reinforced seals and HS all-rubber seals.
After being positioned on the shaft, HS and HSF seals are held together by a spring and spring connector. These seals should be retained axially in the housing bore by a one-piece or split cover plate.
Split HS radial shaft seals are suitable for circumferential speeds up to 7,5 or 10 m/s (1 480 or 1 970 ft/min), depending on their design, and are available for shaft diameters up to approximately 4 570 mm (180 in.).
Since V-rings are elastic, they can be stretched and are therefore easy to install, even in applications where they have to be passed over other components (fig 1). However, in the event that replacing a V-ring would require the time consuming removal of several components, it is advantageous to install one or two replacement V-rings on the shaft from the outset (fig 2). When the time comes to replace a worn V-ring, it can be cut and removed and the replacement V-ring can be pushed into position.
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