CRW5 and CRWA5 seals - SKF Wave Seals

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Radial shaft seal, CRW5
CRW5 (fig 1) and CRWA5 (fig 2) seals, also called SKF Wave seals as part of the CR Seals assortment, are designed to withstand moderate pressure differentials. They have an SKF WAVE lip to reduce heat generation and a metal outside diameter for easy installation and a firm and accurate fit in the housing bore. For additional information, refer to the section Sealing lip design. Most of them have SKF Bore Tite Coating on the outside diameter. The CRWA5 seals have an auxiliary lip, providing additional contaminant exclusion ability. A shoulder or retaining ring should be used at the low-pressure side of the seal to prevent it from being pressed out of the housing bore.
CRW5: Seal with one steel case, SKF WAVE lip and a carbon steel garter spring.
CRWA5: Seal with one steel case, SKF WAVE lip, a carbon steel garter spring and an auxiliary, contacting lip.
The CRW5 and CRWA5 seals are available in inch sizes with sealing lips made of either nitrile rubber or the SKF fluoro rubber compound SKF Duralife. Other materials are also available on request.
The permissible operating conditions are provided in the Seal selection table.
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