HM and TL seals for grease lubricated applications

SKF offers an extensive assortment of radial shaft seals for less demanding grease lubricated applications operating at moderate speeds. The majority of these seals are designed without a spring. The seals are generally installed with the sealing lip facing outward to provide maximum exclusion ability. Typical applications are grease lubricated agriculture machinery.
The illustrations below show the most commonly used designs within this assortment from SKF. Contact SKF for additional information on available designs.
HM12 (fig 6) , HM14 (fig 7) , HM18 (fig 8) , HM21 (fig 9) , HM102 (fig 10)
HMA6 (fig 11) , HMA8 (fig 12) , HMA10 (fig 13) , HMA11 (fig 14) , HMA14 (fig 15)
HMA21 (fig 16) , HMA22 (fig 17) , HMA76 (fig 18) , HMA85 (fig 19) , HMA94 (fig 20)
The permissible operating conditions are provided in the Seal selection table.
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