Rubber outside diameter seals

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The assortment of SKF rubber outside diameter seals includes metal-inserted, fabric-reinforced and all-rubber designs. The fabric-reinforced and all-rubber seals are available in solid and split designs.

Rubber outside diameter seals offer a number of important operating and installation benefits and are especially suitable for split housings. The rubber prevents damage to the housing bore during installation, which otherwise can cause bypass leakage. Compared to metal-cased seals, rubber outside diameter seals can tolerate higher surface roughness in the housing bore. They also resist corrosion and do not seize in the bore, even years after installation.

As a result of lower press-in forces, rubber outside diameter seals are often easier to install than metal-cased seals. They can be installed by hand or with simple tools even when the diameters are very large. This is especially true of the fabric-reinforced and all-rubber designs. Furthermore, in the case of split seals, there is no need to remove the shaft or other machine components when replacing the seal.

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