Surface finish

Depending on the direction of rotation, directionality on the seal counterface may cause a seal to leak. Plunge grinding is the preferred machining method to minimize directionality (0±0,05°) on the seal counterface. When plunge grinding, whole number ratios of the grinding wheel speed to the work piece speed should be avoided. Run the grinding wheel until it “sparks out” completely, i.e. until there are no more sparks flying from the wheel, to ensure that all lead is removed. The grinding wheel should be dressed using a cluster head dressing tool and the smallest possible lateral feed, or a profile dressing roll without lateral feed. The negative influence of directionality in any particular case can only be ascertained by test running under conditions of alternating rotation.
The seal counterface surface should be free of any damage, scratches, cracks, rust or burrs and should be properly protected until final installation.
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