SKF sealing washers

SKF sealing washers of the Z type form efficient labyrinth seals which can be used in a wide variety of applications. They provide inexpensive solutions to many sealing problems. Their use is recommended in the first instance for simple bearing arrangements subjected to arduous operating conditions. The efficiency of the seal is influenced by the number and design of the washers incorporated. There are two types of sealing washer: the standard design (fig 1) and the flocked design (fig 2) which is intended for difficult operating conditions. Depending on the degree of contamination and the desired relubrication interval, up to four sets of sealing washers may be mounted immediately adjacent to each other. The sealing washers may also be combined with other standard seals.
When it is necessary to relubricate a bearing with sealing washers at both sides, the inclusion of a set of ZW spacing washers (fig 3) enables a free passage for the fresh grease to be achieved. A set of ZW spacing washers consists of one washer to be mounted in the housing bore and one to be mounted on the shaft.
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