Mounting instructions

Before mounting, the free space between the two washers of the set should be filled with a water-repellant and rust inhibiting grease, e.g. SKF LGMT 2. The bore and outside surfaces should be lightly greased.
The sealing washers should always be mounted as shown in fig 1, fig 2fig 3 and fig 4, i.e. the housing washer should be adjacent to the bearing with its cylindrical section facing away from the bearing. In this way the pumping action of the seal will be directed away from the bearing.
When mounting, care should be taken to prevent the washers from tilting. A sleeve or similar arrangement should be used which abuts both washers (fig 5). The use of a press is recommended.
Where several sets of washers are to be mounted side by side, one set should be mounted first before mounting the next etc.
Brief mounting instructions are supplied with the washers.
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