SKF spacing washers

ZW spacing washers (fig 1) are required when an open bearing with Z sealing washers at both sides is to be relubricated (fig 2 and fig 3). They should be mounted at one side of the bearing adjacent to the inner as well as the outer ring.
The ZW spacing washers are made of phosphated sheet steel and are coated with a preservative. The thickness of the sheet steel is 0,6 mm for washers up to and including ZW 35 × 42 and 0,8 mm for the larger sizes.


The width of the spacing washer set is 2 ± 0,1 mm. The outside diameter has minus tolerances and the bore plus tolerances.


The spacing washers are designated ZW d1 × d2, e.g. ZW 35 × 42 has a bore diameter of 35 mm and an outside diameter of 42 mm.
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