Features and benefits

The basic SKF Trackstar seal design features a polyurethane sealing ring and a nitrile rubber energizer (fig 1). The sealing ring retains the oil between the pin and the bushing and excludes contaminants. The energizer provides the static sealing ability. Ribs on the seal inside diameter enable oil to pass to provide the necessary lubrication.
There is also a heavy-duty version designed with a metal reinforcement ring moulded into the polyurethane sealing ring, providing additional rigidity for severe operating conditions (fig 2).
Both SKF Trackstar designs are installed on a spacer ring provided by the undercarriage manufacturer. The function of the spacer ring is to ensure that the required space for the seal exists when squeezed between the link and the bushing. The spacer is designed with oil galleys that enable oil to pass for optimal lubrication of the main sealing lip.
SKF Trackstar seals provide several important benefits including:
  • extended service life of the undercarriage
  • reduced internal bushing and pin wear
  • easy installation
  • interchangeability with the most commonly used sealed and lubricated track pin seals
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