Advantages and user benefits

  • The metal case serves as a support and deflector, protecting the rubber body and lip from damage and displacement by external debris like rocks and aggressive media.
  • The case also often functions as a holder that keeps the rubber lip in position in high-speed applications. No additional axial retention is required.
  • Narrow installation widths are possible thanks to the compact design.
  • Frictional heat build-up and torque drag are very low compared to those of contacting radial shaft seals. As rotational speed increases, the MVR sealing lip lifts off the counterface surface starting at about 12 m/s (2 360 ft/min) and drops to zero contact by 20 m/s (3 900 ft/min). The high rotational speed helps exclude contaminants while minimizing power loss.
  • The service life of MVR seals is considerably higher than that of radial shaft seals in contaminated environments and can extend to thousands of hours.
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