MVR axial shaft seals

For added protection in extremely contaminated applications, SKF also offers MVR seals. Like V-ring seals, MVR seals also seal axially and function by combining lip contact with centrifugal “flinging” action. MVR seals are, however, different from V-rings in that their rubber element is stretch fit into a metal case. The metal case is then press fit onto the shaft. The case provides excellent protection from heavy debris and enables the seal to accommodate high rotational speeds without requiring auxiliary clamping devices.
MVR seals are used in rotating shaft applications such as gearboxes, speed reducers, saws, lathes, motors, mixers, where high levels of contaminants reduce the service life of radial shaft seals and bearings. MVR seals can also serve as primary seals to retain high-viscosity lubricants or exclude contaminants in dry-running applications.
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