Choosing the right size

To determine the appropriate sleeve size, it is first necessary to clean the shaft carefully. The diameter of an undamaged section of the seal counterface should then be measured on at least three different planes. The arithmetical mean of these measurements determines the size of SKF Speedi-Sleeve. If the value lies within the permissible range listed in the product table for the shaft diameter d1, SKF Speedi-Sleeve will have an adequate tight fit on the shaft and will not require an adhesive.
If no suitable size is listed in the product table, it will be necessary to rework the shaft to an appropriate dimension. This also means that a new seal size will be required. If production quantities are sufficient enough, SKF can provide specially dimensioned SKF Speedi-Sleeve or other wear sleeve solution.
Through SKF Seal Select the appropriate SKF Speedi-Sleeve and a matching radial shaft seal can easily be selected.
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