SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold

SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold (fig 1) is an enhanced version of standard SKF Speedi-Sleeve, offering improved resistance to abrasive wear. Designed for applications where extended sealing system life is needed, SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold bridges the performance gap between the standard sleeve and expensive custom shaft treatments. A thin, metallic coating applied to the base stainless steel imparts a gold colour and significantly increases durability. SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold is particularly effective in environments where there are abrasive contaminants, especially when combined with a seal manufactured from the SKF fluoro rubber material, SKF Duralife.
The installation procedure is identical to that of standard SKF Speedi-Sleeve and the original seal size can still be used.

Test results

SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold has been thoroughly tested to establish its level of abrasion resistance in severely contaminated environments using both coarse and fine sand (diagram 1). The tests were carried out at temperatures up to 110 °C (225 °F) and at shaft speeds up to 8,6 m/s (1 700 ft/min). Under these conditions, seals on SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold ran for an average of 2 500 hours.

Size range and availability

SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold is available in the same sizes as standard SKF Speedi-Sleeve.
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