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Welcome to the SKF Supplier Portal! Here we provide information for suppliers. Most material is open and available without login.

SKF Purchasing, together with the SKF suppliers, are aiming for creating customer value and achieving the SKF vision "To equip the world with SKF knowledge". SKF Purchasing acts in full compliance with the following principles:

1. SKF gives comparable suppliers equal opportunity of invitation to tender
SKF is willing to work with all suppliers, regardless of race, nationality, size, ownership, business length with us, providing they aim to comply with the principles of SKF Code of conduct for suppliers and subcontractors.

2. Mutual benefit based on mutual trust
We believe in building strong and beneficial long-term relationships based on mutual trust. By working closely together, building on SKF and suppliers' knowledge and experience, SKF is confident in giving suppliers the opportunity to benefit from a sustainable and profitable growth and to create a competitive advantage.

3. Rational supplier selection standards
We select suppliers based upon rational and clear standards, such as quality, cost, delivery, innovation and corporate management in terms of sustainability, continuous improvements and shared values for profitable growth.
4. SKF promotes preferred suppliers and wants to be considered as preferred customer
Business with suppliers should always be conducted with mutual respect and professional ethics, which creates an environment of innovative solutions and high performance.

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