Ocean energy

Becoming competitive is critical

Ocean energy
For long term viability of the ocean energy sector, reducing the cost of energy (COE) to a level competitive with offshore wind and other traditional power generation methods is absolutely key.

Overcome ocean energy challenges with SKF

SKF has many decades of experience working within the wind, marine, hydro-electric and offshore oil and gas industries around the world. SKF is now using the technical knowledge and innovative skill gained from these synergistic industries to address ocean energy challenges.
Based in Scotland, our Ocean Energy team works collaboratively with prototype device developers and sub-component suppliers, helping them design in reliability at an early stage. Our efforts help to ensure they meet their future availability and production targets.
We also help optimize maintenance strategy and take maintainability issues into consideration, recognising the harsh and inaccessible environments in which ocean energy equipment must operate.

Each application has its own requirement

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