SKF solutions for centrifugal compressors in chillers 

Boosting direct drive and gear drive performance

Offering higher efficiency and capacity than other compressor types, centrifugal compressors have long been the preferred choice for large chiller applications. Today's modern centrifugal compressors with direct drive motor systems offer an even more compelling option in terms of energy efficiency, simplicity and reliability.
At SKF, we understand the many challenges involved in developing a robust, cost-effective centrifugal compressor. We've been helping leading chiller OEMs develop solutions for both gear drive and direct drive models for many years. 

Proven centrifugal compressor solutions

SKF has developed several special bearing solutions for centrifugal industrial air compressors and blowers. SKF solutions enable less vibration, friction and noise, lower energy consumption and longer component lifecycles.

  • The magnetic system from SKF is an oil-free solution featuring a permanent magnet motor and active magnetic bearings that enables energy savings of at least 10% versus conventional designs.
  • Pure refrigerant lubricated bearings from SKF use low-viscosity refrigerant as lubricant, offering an oil-free solution that also enables energy savings of at least 10% versus conventional designs.
  • Oil-lubricated rolling bearings use an oil-refrigerant mixture for lubrication – one that can help boost energy efficiency by 3-4% versus conventional designs.
  • Actuators from SKF can control inlet guide and diffuser vanes, replace check valves and optimize compressor control and energy efficiency.


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