Linear ball bearings

The LBBR is a patented SKF linear ball bearing that combines a plastic cage with hardened steel raceway segments to guide the ball sets. The bearing conforms to dimension series 1 according to ISO 10285.

The LBBR raceway segments have been designed to fully utilise the entire length of the load zone to increase bearing capacity and extend bearing service life.

LBBR linear ball bearings are self-holding in the housing and the best for integrated bearing-housing solutions, even in corrosive environments.

Technical features

  • Small dimensions available
  • Optimised ball recirculation and cage design
  • Stainless steel version available
  • Double lip sealing
  • Factory pre-lubrication
  • Acceleration up to 100 m/s2
  • Linear speed up to 5 m/s
  • 30 years experience
  • Few components
  • Optimised ball recirculation and polymer cage
  • Shaft geometry easy to seal

Functional benefits

  • Downsize up to 3 mm shaft diameter
  • Smooth, light running, low friction, accuracy
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Keeps grease inside and contaminent out by not significantly increasing the running friction
  • Grease already in the bearing, no initial lubrication required
  • High accelerations support faster product cycles
  • High speed supports faster product cycles
  • Highly developed product and application support
  • Robust design
  • Low noise
  • No grease leakage and prevents dirt from settling down on shaft

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