Miniature profile rail guides

SKF miniature profile rail guides are an excellent choice for linear guidance in IVD instruments such as analyzers, liquid handling robots or sample processors. The rail guides are easy to mount, and so small that the overall assembly size can be reduced. Smooth running and reliable, these rail guides minimize the maintenance cost of the instrument; and the stainless steel composition won't rust if exposed to reagents. SKF carries a wide range of rail sizes and carriage styles to meet most space constraints and load-carrying capacities. Customized solutions are also available.

Technical features

  • Wide and long carriage system available
  • Optimized geometry in the ball recirculation area
  • Four-point contact of running elements with the raceways
  • All steel parts made from corrosion-resistant steel
  • Factory pre-lubrication
  • Both sides of the rail can be used as reference surface

Functional benefits

  • Use one rail instead of two standard rails, higher transfer torque moments possible; higher longitudinal torque moments possible even on a standard rail
  • Low friction, no stick-slip effect, high accuracy, smooth running
  • High system rigidity, high torque moment acceptance, high load carrying capacity; top load capacities in all 4 main load directions
  • High resistance against humidity
  • Optimal greased system, good running performance, low friction
  • Facilitates mounting process

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