General x-ray

general x-ray

Bucky tables, ceiling mounted x-ray tubes and wall stands are all used in standard imaging procedures. We support you in meeting demands for improved patient comfort and increased functionality. Challenge us with your next motion requirement.

Technical features

  • Increased examination capacity
  • Functionality for a complete range of routine examinations
  • Fast, easily adjustable equipment
  • Comfortable access to the patient table
  • Compact ceiling-mounted systems
  • Increasing regulation and norms (UL/EN 60601)
  • Caters to trend of increasing obesity
  • Quiet operation provides better environment for patients and professionals

Functional benefits

  • More functionality combined with increased speed
  • Knowledge and expertise in motions technology
  • Low friction rotation and linear guides for hand movements
  • Optimal combination of minimum retracted length and extended stroke length
  • Optimized telescopic column design
  • Products in compliance with norms and regulations
  • Solutions for greater load-carrying capacity
  • Silent motion with soft start-and-stop functionality

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