Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography enables visualization of disease biology. Precise and variable motion of both heads is responsible for high image quality. Contact SKF for ways to increase productivity.

Technical features

  • Improved high-resolution imaging
  • Shorter examination cycles
  • Accuracy in mechanical motion
  • Easy patient table access
  • Increasing regulation and norms (UL/EN 60601)
  • Caters to trend of increasing obesity
  • Optimum physical and emotional environment for patients

Functional benefits

  • More functionality combined with increased speed
  • Knowledge and expertise in motions technology
  • Precision in rotation and linear drives
  • Optimal lift combination of minimum retracted length and extended stroke
  • Products in compliance with norms and regulations
  • Solutions for more load-carrying capacity
  • Silent motion with soft start-and-stop functionality

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