SKF rebuilt rocker housings raise ROI by 633%

The challenge

Machines at one paper mill offered the potential to increase productivity. But the high operating speeds needed to reach production goals were also causing high vibration levels. To prevent vibration-related bearing damage and downtime the speeds were reduced by four percent, but the slowdown also reduced annual production by 4 000 tons.

The SKF solution

Working closely with mill technicians, an SKF paper specialist determined that the machines' conventional self-aligning bearing system and rocker housing - which were designed to deal with shaft elongation - could not accommodate the significant changes in shaft behaviour caused by increasingly higher machine speeds.

SKF recommended incorporate a CARB toroidal roller bearing in a rebuilt rocker housing to accommodate misalignment and axial displacement. The rocker housing was also redesigned as a fixed housing.

The result

This new arrangement resulted in a 663% return on investment, through reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Return on investment (ROI) summary
  • Savings per machine by avoiding speed loss: €528 000
  • SKF rocker housing rebuild and CARB bearing investment: –€72 000
  • Total savings: €456 000
  • Total ROI: 633%

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