New Handbook:

Rolling bearings in paper machines

The handbook for paper machine designers, operators and maintenance staff

Rolling bearings in paper machines

SKF is pleased to announce the release of an updated handbook for paper machine designers, operators and maintainers.

You can download a free chapter from the handbook by following the link below. The whole handbook is now available from the Handbooks area of the Knowledge Centre Bookstore. 

If you want a printed copy of the handbook please contact your local SKF representative.

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Interview with Philippe Gachet - one of the brains behind the handbook

Global application engineer master Pulp & Paper specialist

Philippe Gachet

Q. What is this handbook about?

A. Simply put, it’s a handbook of information and SKF recommendations relating to bearings in paper machine applications from the forming section to the reeler. In it, we cover bearing selection and arrangements, lubrication advice, mounting and maintenance recommendations plus a lot more.

 Q. Who is it for?

A. It’s written with various people in mind. Paper machine designers will find useful information and advice in the handbook. As will those operating and maintaining the machines in the paper mills. In addition, it will be a valuable reference for SKF engineers and industry specialists around the world and for our distribution partners.

 Q. Why is there a new 5th edition?

A. Because things have changed in terms of machinery and bearing design since we released the previous edition of the handbook in 2011. Advances in SKF bearing design and performance, for instance, have made some of our recommendations in the previous edition of our handbook obsolete. We have also made it more end user focused than it was before.

 Q. What is new?

A. Quite a lot has changed in the latest edition. We’ve updated our recommendations on bearing fits and we’re more precise about water content in the lubricant, for example. We have also added completely new sections on important matters like root cause failure analysis, bearing remanufacturing and the SensorMount method of mounting bearings with tapered bores. There is also new material about applications that we have not covered in previous editions of the handbook. Size presses, spreader rolls and rope sheaves, for example.

 Q. Who was involved in creating the new edition?

A. Compiling the new edition was very much a team effort and it would have been impossible for me to do it without the support of a wide range of bearing experts and product specialists.  While I’m very grateful to everyone involved, I would like to offer special thanks to Dirk Reel, SKF’s technical communication manager, for his invaluable contribution.

 Q. How can people get hold of a copy of the new handbook?

A. There are two ways for people to obtain a copy. Either via their local SKF company or as a download from the library here in Knowledge Centre by following the links below.

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