The future of Asset Efficiency Optimization and Insight

Date: Jun 16*18, 2014
Location: Czech Republic
Presenter: Filippo Zingariello, Director Global Strategic Development and SKF Insight, SKF
Conference: AM2014 Asset Management Conference

About the speaker:

Filippo was born in Torino, Italy, and graduated in Engineering at Politecnico of Torino. He joined SKF in 1988 and held different managerial positions in global Engineering role and as Business Unit Head for Car Engine products, Drive-By-Wire and later Motion Control solutions. Since 2008 he was appointed Director, Global Strategic Development in charge for strategic programmes like the creation and development of new Global Technical Centres in India and in China, and responsible for Global Metallurgy and Chemical laboratories. Since September 2013, Filippo is leading the Group initiative to commercialize and industrialize SKF Insight solutions.

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