SKF Bearings, Units, Housings and Seals CAD models - Detailed instructions

Download CAD models for SKF Bearings, Housings, Units and Seals
For a few CAD formats there are some additional information or instructions available. Click on the name of the CAD format of interest to show this information.
AutoCAD >=V14
DWG/DXF files do not have any unit, like mm or inch. However the downloaded models are scaled, so that the unit of the file matches the unit of the ordered part. That means, that a line with the length 10 can be 10 mm or 10 inch, depending on the selected part. To check the unit of your selected part, please refer to the product detail page of the part.

Catia >=V5 R8
  1. Unzip file with WINZIP or an equal program.
  2. Start the Macro Dialog from Catia V5 Menu.
  3. Select External file in the dropdown box.
  4. Enter macro file name or select it with the file browser.
  5. Select Run Macro.
  6. Enter the destination directory where part should be stored.
Catia IUA V4
Before executing a macro use the following steps once:

Activate the catia-function IUA/FILE/PROC the folder USER FILE ( will switch from white to yellow color).

Copy the files from the downloaded zip file  into the USER FILE Folder

To Start a macro use the command /m PSOLX or IUA/EXECUTE and enter the macro name

To list all available macros go to IUA/EXECUTE and enter PSOL.

If the macro doesn't work:
  1. Check if IUA/FILE/PROC is enabled.
  2. IUA/EXECUTE/CTRL_ON returns information about the macro status while executing.
  3. Look in the CATIA-START Windows for more details.
Inventor >=R5.3
  1. Unzip file with WINZIP or an equal program.
  2. Open the Visual Basic Editor within Inventor.
  3. Click Import File and select the *.bas file from the zip file.
  4. Click on the loaded Basic File and press Play to run the macro.
Mechanical Desktop >=V5
  1. Unzip file with WINZIP or an equal program.
  2. Click on the ASSIST MacroVisual Basic Editor or press Alt F11.
  3. Click on File Import File (Strg M) and input the Path of the Makro File.
  4. Click on the Play Button or press F5, choose the lowest item in the List and click now on execute to start the Macro.
  5. Input the Path where the DWG Files should be stored.
One Space Modeling >=2007
  1. Unzip file with WINZIP or an equal program.
  2. Start SolidDesigner.
  3. Open Lisp File with the File Open Dialog.
SolidWorks >=2001+
  1. Unzip file with WINZIP or an equal program.
  2. Open file with extension .swb (SolidWorks Visual Basic Program) in Tools/Macro/Run...
  3. Select your prefered part with extension .swb (SolidWorks Visual Basic Program) from file dialog.
  4. Enter the destination directory where the part should be stored.
  5. Go to next page to see drag and drop usage.

Think3 >=2006.2
Use the "Import New Part from File" command to import a native part file in the current document.

When you start the command, the program opens a file browser dialog box that enables you to select the part to import. Depending on the active environment, the dialog box filters the default file extension:
  • PS2 files (*.ps2) in the 2D environment
  • PS3 files (*.ps3) in the 3D environment
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