Climate strategy

SKF’s climate strategy is focusing on CO2, which is concluded to be the most significant greenhouse gas produced as a result of our business activities. It is based on the BeyondZero concept and life cycle thinking. 
After a number of life cycle assessments of our products and solutions we have clearly found that the use phase is – by far – where we can make the most significant contribution to climate change mitigation. However, in line with BeyondZero, we also believe that it is our responsibility to use our combined knowledge, experience, influence and creativity to minimize the negative environmental impact deriving from our operations long the entire value chain.
SKF’s climate strategy is focusing on four areas, where the carbon intensity is relatively high and SKF has the possibility to drive real, positive change: 

Climate change - Targets and performance

SKF's challenging targets are set across our entire value chain. Read more about these individual targets in each of the sections below.

Climate change targets across the value chain

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