Ethics and anti-corruption

SKF develops, produces and markets products, services and solutions that create value for our customers and the society. 

To be consistently successful, it is vital that we act in an economically, socially and ethically responsible way. That is how SKF ensures a sustainable development, and earn trust from all its stakeholders. 

SKF values and our Code of Conduct defines the principles in how we shall run our business, and our Ethics and Compliance Programs provides the details for it.

The foundation is openness, trust and ethical leadership. We develop leaders that foster a culture in which employees are encouraged to bring forward ideas and to raise their voice when they have concerns and we help leaders to identify ethical dilemmas and how to manage or avoid difficult situations. On a yearly basis, we conduct ethics and compliance risks assessments and reviews, on a Group level and follow up the progress of our ethics and compliance programs. Based on this we decide on focus areas and mitigating activities.

Read about the details in our Annual Report 2018 on page 123 and 131.

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