Indexing roller units

Indexing roller unit

SKF indexing roller units are based on double (fig. 1) or four-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings (fig. 2).

They have been developed for continuous furnaces of sintering and pelletizing plants. These ready-to-mount units are also suitable for heavy load applications where the direction of rotation is frequently reversed, or where rotational speeds are low.

Roller unit features

  • High load carrying capacity
    The thick-walled outer ring enables high radial loads to be accommodated, while reducing distortion and bending stresses. Because of their inner ring flanges, indexing roller units can also accommodate heavy axial loads.
    The maximum number of rollers in double and four-row cylindrical roller bearings without a cage incorporated, contribute to the high load carrying capacity.
  • Low friction
    The surface finish on the contact surfaces of the rollers and raceways as well as the optimized internal geometry of these roller units keeps friction at start-up and in operation at a very low level.
  • Long service life
    The logarithmic roller profile reduces edge stresses at the roller/raceway contact (fig. 3).
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