Rotor positioning bearings

SKF Rotor positioning bearings (fig. 1, table 1) are customized units with optimized mechanical integration between a magnetic impulse ring and a bearing in an application. The integrated units:
  • allow the use of nearly all bearing types 
  • allow high speeds and temperatures
  • generate strong magnetic impulses that are related to the rotor angular position
  • can deliver the magnetic field in the axial or radial direction, on a through shaft or at the end of a shaft
  • are very robust under severe operating conditions as a result of their high magnetic field strength


  • absolute angular position information for electric motor control in, for example:
    • belt-driven starter generators
    • traction motors
    • e-superchargers and e-turbochargers
  • shaft speed detection or low-resolution angular position in, for example:
    • crankshafts
    • transmission shafts
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