Rotor positioning sensor bearing units

Synchronous motors require a sensor that provides the position of the rotor with a high accuracy, to enable accurate motor torque control and to achieve maximum efficiency and dynamics. These motors use either direct drive or sine wave control. SKF rotor positioning sensor bearing units (fig. 1, product table) can contribute to optimized motor efficiency for both systems.

Units for sine wave or vector control

  • provide the shaft angle position in real time throughout the entire motor speed range
  • provide a signal (diagram 1) comparable to the one provided by a resolver and can therefore be used by the motor controller’s software
  • communicate the shaft angle position via a sine/cosine wave signal
  • are more compact and cost-effective than inductive resolvers
  • are easy to mount (→ Mounting motor encoder units)
  • do not require special shaft or housing accuracy in comparison with inductive resolvers (→ Design considerations for motor encoder units)

SKF can adapt the electronics to comply with the interface of the application.

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