Drawn cup needle roller bearings should be pressed into the housing bore using a mounting dolly (fig. 1). An O-ring provides a simple means of retaining the bearing on the mounting dolly. The stamped side (side face with the designation) should abut the flange of the mounting dolly.
Special care should be taken to prevent the bearing from skewing or tilting when it is being pressed into the housing. Otherwise the rollers and raceways could easily be damaged.
For grease lubricated bearings, the bearing should be lubricated prior to mounting.

Paired mounting

If bearings are to be mounted immediately adjacent to each other, the load should be shared equally by both bearings. Therefore, drawn cup needle roller bearings mounted in pairs should have the same deviations from the nominal inside diameter Fw.

For additional information about gauges and inside diameter, refer to Tolerances.

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