Automatic lubrication systems for the metals industry

Solutions for challenging applications


Friction and wear occur across the entire delivery chain. Efficient lubrication is critical for each individual area using rotating machine components. Upstream or downstream, SKF supports you in every phase by providing automatic lubrication systems that are tailored to the specific characteristics of the job.

Discover how automatic lubrication systems help you maximizing machinery dependability

Benefits of automatic lubrication systems

Operational benefits
  • Reduces unplanned downtime and production interruptions
  • Increases reliability
  • Improves profitability
Maintenance benefits
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Extends repair and maintenance intervals
  • Eliminates over- and under-lubrication
  • Reduce parts replacement and spare parts inventory
Safety benefits
  • Increases worker safety by eliminating manual lubrication of difficult-to-access points or of points in demanding areas
  • Fewer accidents
Environmental benefits
  • Minimizes environmental impact by avoiding over-lubrication

All of this means increased production uptime and improved operations.

A complete portfolio of lubrication solutions to improve system reliability

SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems deliver the exact quantity of the appropriate lubricant to the right place at the right time while the equipment is running – without production downtime. In addition, our portfolio includes a broad variety of solutions to lubricate chains, regardless of the need for oil or grease.

Complete plant lubrication supply systems provide lubricant to an entire network of systems from a single source. In these lubrication networks, container or booster pumps supply secondary pump stations. SKF also can assist you in optimizing lubrication settings and intervals and in developing a customized lubrication programme.

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