Axial cassette seals

Axial cassette seal
Trucks and off-highway vehicles frequently operate in dirty, dusty and wet environments. SKF cassette seals with an integrated running surface provide a longer life because the running surface is controlled and dirt exclusion is improved.

  • Innovative axially sealing primary lip compared to conventional radial lip
  • Garter spring for constant axial load through life
  • Optional felt dirt excluder lip
  • Hydrodynamic features
  • Pre-greased lips

  • Robust solution for heavy duty engine crankshafts
  • Capability to accommodate higher static and dynamic misalignments
  • Tolerant to high axial and radial movements of crankshaft due to thermal expansion and axial end play
  • Felt dirt excluder provides excellent contamination protection
  • Increased pumping rate for better sealing performance
  • High durability and longer life
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