SKF Lubrication Management

Lead your path towards a world-class lubrication programme

A lubrication management programme can be defined as the sum of all the activities performed in a given facility to help ensure the right lubricant is provided in the right quantity to the right point at the right time with the right method.

The benefits of a world-class lubrication programme are related with costs savings in:
  • Downtime
  • Spares
  • Man labour
  • Overtime labour 
  • Energy consumption

They are mainly caused by:

  • Lubricant contamination
  • Lubricant chemical degradation
  • Wrong lubricant selection
  • Insufficient or misleading knowledge

The SKF Lubrication Management programme defines a structured process to help you build a strong lubrication programme and overcome those issues.

The process comprehends five major steps:

SKF Client Needs Analysis 
SKF consultants will run a first assessment in your facilities, in order to sense the level of maturity of your lubrication programme and define the path to follow. This is normally a one day activity

SKF Lubrication Audit

When the level of complexity of the facility is high, or when the customer has already implemented basic improvements towards a world-class lubrication, a thorough assessment is advised. This is normally a one week activity.

Improvement proposal
After the required information in gathered, SKF will formulate proposals of specific activities that will help to improve the lubrication programme in place, according with specific customer’s goals.

Design and implementation

Once discussed and agreed, SKF can support the implementation of the improvement proposals. That support can be by means of equipment, training, consultancy services, or even execution of specific tasks.

In order to measure the effectiveness of the programme, a reassessment is advised. That will normally open the door for new improvement opportunities that will lead you closer and closer to your goals.

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