Lubrication system engineering and consultancy

Optimizing your designs

Even small design improvements can make a big difference. The fact is that the earlier you involve SKF as an engineering partner in the planning and design process, the bigger the benefits. SKF application engineers can work with your team to optimize designs for long life and reliability. With SKF, you will be better able to offer your customers a more compact, energy efficient and cost-effective solution that is also easy to use and maintain. Equally important, we can work together to develop designs that help reduce the time and cost of production providing a sharper competitive advantage.

Our development process permits time-optimised, cost-effective, high-quality development, in line with the requirements of our customers and their products.  With its expertise in the industry, its considerable knowledge and the use of state-of-the-art technology, SKF is in a position to develop solutions that meet your specific needs.

We will be only too glad to provide you with advice on planning and designing your systems.

Lubrication CAD product catalogue
Online portal for 3D CAD product data
SKF Lubrication Systems has made its electronic CAD product catalogue available online and is steadily expanding the range of parts accessible there.
Design engineers can download lubrication products as a native-format file for their own CAD system, independently and free of charge. It gives our customers the option of configuring our standard products and integrating them in their construction process as 3D CAD data in native format with the corresponding material number.
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