Magnetic bearings / Permanent Magnet electric motors

Rotating without contact

SKF S2M Magnetic Bearing
Turbomolecular pump with SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings installed
SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings facility
SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings leverage more than 35 years of leadership in active magnetic bearing technology.

With more than 130,000 SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings and high speed electric motor references in operation across many industries, SKF has a unique understanding of high rotation speeds and how magnetic bearings and industrial processes are interrelated.

We provide unmatched cost effective, energy efficient and reliable solutions for the entire product lifecycle, helping customers successfully overcome their challenges.

With a worldwide presence, SKF is the world market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of active magnetic bearings and magnetic bearing control technologies. We look forward to working with your team.

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