Hans Stråberg proposed as new Chairman of the Board of AB SKF. Colleen Repplier proposed as new Board Member

2018 јануар 17, 08:00 CET

Gothenburg, 17 January 2018: SKF’s Nomination Committee proposes Hans Stråberg as new Chairman of the Board of AB SKF. Hans Stråberg is Chairman of the Board of Atlas Copco AB, Roxtec AB, CTEK AB, Nikkarit Holding AB; Vice Chairman of the Board of Stora Enso Oyj, Orchid Ortopedics, Inc and Board member of Investor AB, N Holding AB, Mellby Gård AB and Hedson Technologies AB.

SKF’s current Chairman of the Board Leif Östling has announced that he will not make himself available for re-election at the Annual General Meeting 2018.

The Nomination Committee also proposes Colleen Repplier as new Board member of SKF. Colleen Repplier is currently vice president and general manager at Johnson Controls. She is also a Board member of Kimball Electronics.

Baba Kalyani and Marie Bredberg have informed the Nomination Committee that they are not available for re-election.

The Nomination Committee proposes that the Board of Directors shall consist of nine members and no deputy members. In addition to the proposed new election of Hans Stråberg and Colleen Repplier, the Nomination Committee proposes the re-election of the Board members Peter Grafoner, Lars Wedenborn, Hock Goh, Alrik Danielson, Nancy Gougarty, Ronnie Leten and Barb Samardzich.

The Nomination Committee’s additional proposals will be published in conjunction with the notice of the Annual General Meeting 2018.

The Nomination Committee appointed in preparation of the Annual General Meeting 2018 consists of Marcus Wallenberg, FAM, Ramsay Brufer, Alecta, Anders Jonsson, Skandia and Johan Strandberg, SEB Investment Management, besides the Chairman of the Board Leif Östling.

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