Spring insulating suspension bearing

Spring insulating suspension bearing
The spring insulating suspension bearing improves robustness, reduces noise and vibration, and contributes to improved driving comfort.The integration of this spring insulator into the bearing also reduces the number of components, providing easier assembly and reduced total cost.

Suspension systems serve a dual purposes. As well as contributing to the car’s han-dling and braking for good active safety and driving pleasure, this system also keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and reasonably well-isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibration.

The SKF spring insulating suspension bearing is a new solution which combines all the Robust MSBU features, to the spring insulator inte-gration.

  • Integrated spring pad
  • Chemical and mechanical bonding
  • Decreasing spring insulator and  bearing wear

  • Material choice according to specific parameters related to application needs.
  • Material adapted to injection process for efficient manu-facturing.
  • Evaluated and verified through FEA calculations
  • Validation with tests on full suspension

3 patent applications on
  • Material
  • Insulator design
  • Interface design

  • Suspension noises removal
  • Fully integrated solution, avoiding assembly issues
  • Less suspension compo-nents
  • No risk of damage due to ingress of dirt between pad and bearing

With a global footprint of pro-duction sites and application centers, SKF is offering the right support to the automotive market.
SKF has a good expertise in this application with more than 35 years’ experience. The combination of our know-how and our engineering support makes us the ideal partner for developing customized bear-ing solutions, helping to improve your suspension per-formances.
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