SKF Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Units

High precision analog signals

SKF Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Unit
SKF Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Units combine low-friction, high-speed bearing functionality with the ability to provide high precision analog signals to determine rotor angular position.

This sensor-bearing solution delivers the information needed for sinusoidal or vector control for permanent magnet synchronous motors. The units are customizable to electric motor size and number of pole pairs.

Combined functionality benefits

SKF Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Units integrate sensor function into the bearing – an SKF patented design that allows very precise management of the sensor-bearing unit air gap. The result? The units are insensitive to severe magnetic field disturbances, and can withstand application vibration and continuous temperatures up to 150°C. Other design and performance benefits include:
  • Compactness
  • Simplified assembly
  • Sensing performance unaffected by assembly line mounting tolerances
  • Improved electric motor efficiency
  • Optimized system noise
  • Excellent e-motor torque stability
  • Improved safety and reliability
  • Improved energy recovery in braking phases

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