Hydraulic cylinder solutions

Increasingly tough performance demands

OEMs and end-users alike require construction vehicle hydraulic systems that can perform like never before.

End-users need eco-friendly hydraulic systems that offer more uptime with less maintenance, at the lowest possible cost. To reduce warranty claims and compete in a crowded market, OEMs need to deliver systems that operate leak-free at higher speeds and pressures.

Meet your requirements with SKF

SKF hydraulic cylinder solutions meet a range of performance specifications and environmental regulations. Sealed-for-life and virtually maintenance-free, SKF hydraulic cylinder solutions include several long-service-life components: 
  • Full range hydraulic seals
  • Dedicated seal materials/designs
  • Self-lubricated and sealed spherical plain bearings
  • Self-lubricated bushings combined with seals
  • CARB® toroidal or spherical roller bearing solutions
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