Sensors and encoders

Absolute angle encoder integrated into articulated joint pins

SKF sensor encoders
To support the trend toward vehicle automation, positioning sensors have to perform under very harsh environmental conditions, as well as extreme shock and vibration. The SKF absolute angle encoder is up to the task. Featuring a compact, plug and play design, this mechatronic encoder is rated IP 67 minimum, with CAN output J1939 standard.

For OEMs, the SKF absolute angle encoder ensures high accuracy and repeatability. Rapid response times allow customers accurate tool tip location and close loop control of articulated arms. Integrated in the joint pins, the encoder needs no additional mechanical protection. And unlike linear sensors, there is no need to convert to hydraulic cylinder designs.

For end-users, this working boom solution enables greater accuracy, reliability and response time, ultimately resulting in optimized duty cycles. The SKF absolute angle encoder requires no maintenance and is easy to access. Productivity can be further enhanced by combining several pin encoders for automated sequences.
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