SKF Explorer steel/steel plain bearings

SKF Extended life plain bearings

Featuring high-grade, carbon chromium steel that has been specially treated to minimize the risk of wear and corrosion, SKF Explorer steel/steel plain bearings offer a relubrication-free alternative to frequent regreasing. Non-toxic grease fills the bearing, which is then sealed with steel-reinforced SKF LS heavy-duty, triple-lip seals for high performance over long periods.

Combining improved corrosion resistance, heavy-duty sealing and a relubrication-free design with a steel/steel sliding combination makes SKF Explorer steel/steel plain bearings more robust than ever. Plus, extensive research and testing under extreme loads has resulted in increased dynamic load ratings for SKF Explorer steel/steel plain bearings, an increase of 50% when compared to conventional steel/steel bearings.

For applications with low to moderate contamination levels, SKF Explorer steel/steel plain bearings have been proven to last significantly longer than conventional steel/steel spherical plain bearings – even when they were frequently relubricated. What does that mean for you? Extended vehicle maintenance intervals and bearing service life for reduced total cost of ownership.

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