SKF together with Scuderia Ferrari

SF16-H in front of SKF billboard

Races and especially the Formula 1 represent the proving ground for reducing friction, weight and improving overall efficiency. They are the SKF's fastest engineering laboratory.

Formula 1 for SKF represents an opportunity to use the most advanced bearing technology and knowledge. At the same time it is an effective business and communication opportunity. The technological innovations developed for the racing cars come from the SKF Racing Unit which cooperates with all the teams competing in the Formula 1 World Championship.

The focus is to provide our customers with solutions which ultimately make them more competitive. SKF also focuses on offering solutions that can reduce energy consumption. The recent cooperation of SKF for the development of the new KERS system in F1 has been representing an important step along this path.

SKF, through a former subsidiary company based in Northern Italy, started cooperating with Ferrari since 1947.
The SKF Racing Unit brings together the decades' experience that the SKF Group has developed since the early stages in F1.

Today SKF is an official supplier of the Scuderia Ferrari, and in 2007 it was celebrated the 60th anniversary of this technical partnership, the longest in the history of F1.

A 350 km/h research and development LAB

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