SKF provides bearing solutions for all types of motor sport clutch release and support bearings. Typically clutch bearings are greased and sealed for life. The clutch bearings should operate trouble free. In fact, a poorly performing bearing can be felt in the clutch pedal or, in an automated system, in the clutch actuator response time.

In operation the bearings will be exposed to the following operating conditions:

  • Potential contamination from clutch plate dust
  • High temperatures
  • High speed and load gradients

SKF offers Deep groove ball bearing and Angular contact ball bearings for racing clutch applications. Solutions could be based on customized variants of standard products or fully customized solutions. SKF Racing will work with customers to recommend a suitable bearing solution for a motor sport application. A typical technical solution will include one or more of the following features:

  • Special steels and heat treatment for better wear resistance and dimensional stability
  • Advanced sealing solutions
  • Special High temperature grease
  • Thin section bearings for compactness
  • Close integration of hydraulic piston and bearing rings
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