Four-point angular contact ball bearings

Four-point contact ball bearings
Four-point angular contact ball bearings (FPACBB) are a type of single row angular contact ball bearing (ACBB). They can support radial load and axial load in both directions due to the four points of contact available. This feature allows this bearing to be used in transmissions located next to a bevel gear. The inner ring of a FPACBB is split, allowing for a larger ball quantity and thus a higher carrying capacity. The bearings are separable, i.e. the inner ring halves and the outer ring with ball and cage assembly can be mounted individually.

An advantage of FPACBBs is that they require less space than a double row angular contact ball bearing (DRACBB) or pair of single row ACBBs.

Standard FPACBBs have a 35° contact angle and are designed to accommodate primarily axial loads. They can be selected with different internal axial clearances and cage materials.

Custom design bearings can be supplied. These can have different contact angles, silicon nitride balls, low weight cages, different ring materials and heat treatments.
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